“I use makeup as a tool to enhance a woman’s natural beauty. We all want to look like ourselves, only better!”

Airbrush makeup is used in Hollywood and the fashion industry to create the flawless makeup applications you see on TV and in fashion magazines. Airbrush makeup will create a full coverage , long lasting makeup application that looks and feels clean and natural.

Airbrush Makeup – Your Questions Answered

I don’t use much makeup, will I look natural?

It feels lighter than air on the skin & makes you look like yourself, only better. It can give your skin a bright, natural “glow”.

What is airbrush foundation?

A lightweight liquid makeup that is sprayed on the face through a pen-like nozzle. It is powered by a compressor and mists the makeup, creating a natural looking, healthy skin. All skin types can benefit as its water based, breathable and irritation free.

Why airbrush instead of traditional makeup application?

It stands up to the test of time, reads well on camera & won’t rub off on the groom


creates a flawless finish for both real life and photography
has a light weight, invisible look while fully covering flaws
water resistant (will not come off from sweat, tears or humidity)
balances all skin types including mature skin
lasts until you take it off (12+ hours)
no touch ups necessary
never looks cakey
fully covers blemishes and birthmarks